Fuck Yeah! Religion Pigeon
2 years ago

maygpie said: I'm sorry but I'm unfollowing. As a non-religious person this blog was originally funny but it's only become antagonistic and rude. I don't know if this was due to a change in admins or what, but you're crossing the border from amusing to insulting and that's not okay. I'd hate to see religion pigeon become a hate blog.

Well, we’re sorry to see you leave, but as always, if there are RP’s that you don’t like you could always submit your own. As for the answers to the questions, I’m actually having a shitty day hence the shitty attitude. If the rudeness you’re referring to is the answer to the question about tagging guess what it really wasn’t all that rude. I said no and non-sarcastically told them to have a good day when I could have said something a whole lot worse.

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